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7 Steps to File a Claim for Hail Damage to a Roof

Hail damage to roofing happens all over the country every year.  It can be a painstaking process to file a claim.  And if you don't have an honest contractor in your corner, the insurance company could end up giving you a less than fair deal. That is why we have created this seven step process to help fellow readers of the web file insurance claims successfully after hail damage.

1. Call Your Insurance Company

Call your agent and let them know that you had a contractor out and have confirmed that there is damage on the property and you’d like to file a claim.

2. Schedule a Meeting with an Insurance Adjuster

Insurance adjuster will call and schedule a time and date to be out at the property to assess the damages, it is imperative that you have representation at this meeting from your contractor. You want to have your contractor there who is familiar with how this process works and knows the items that need addressed at the assessment, because once the initial meeting is completed it is very hard to backtrack on missed items / damages.

3. Review with Your Roofing Contractor

Once you receive the approved scope of work for repairs from your insurance company, you and your contractor go through the line items and make sure that all the necessary materials and items are included in the approval. If there are missing components, your contractor will communicate with your adjuster to make sure you are getting everything you are entitled to as the insured. All code items should be included, as well as similar building products should be included in their approval - this is not always the case and an experienced contractor will know how to navigate this process on your behalf.

4. Select Roofing Materials

Now that your insurance specialized contractor has successfully completed the supplemental process of the claim and you now have funds for your project from the insurance company, you can pick out roofing materials and get your project started.

5. Note the Payee on the Check

Keep in mind that your checks/funds from the insurance company may have your mortgage company listed on the checks to be endorsed. This will make depositing the checks impossible without your lenders endorsement. We will handle that for you to help expedite the process and take the stress of jumping through hoops. All we need is either the blank unendorsed check, or a picture of the front and back of the unendorsed check.

6. Let Your Contractor Take Over

Let your roofing contractor handle the project from there!  An honest roofing contractor with good reviews will get the job done from this point.

Roofing contractors repairing hail damage.

7. Contractor Files Certification of Completion

Your contractor will file their certification of completion after the work is complete to your adjuster, and this will release any of the held back funds from the insurance company.

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